Ultimate Guide to NASCAR Camping (Top 12 Tracks)

NASCAR and camping go hand in hand. Some tracks offer exterior camping lots, while others offer race side or interior track camping. The interior of the track was built for trailers and tents, with fans able to tailgate and watch the race at the same time. Nothing beats some smokies on the fire as cars rip past at 200 mph. The infield also offers some amazing views from the top of your RV.

Camping at NASCAR really completes the experience. There’s no need to keep someone as designated driver, because you can go to sleep in the comfort of your own tent or camper after the race.

So, which NASCAR races are the best to camp at? Is every experience the same? Here’s a list of the best NASCAR tracks for camping:

  1. Texas Motor Speedway
  2. Talladega Superspeedway
  3. Daytona International Speedway
  4. Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  5. Bristol Motor Speedway
  6. Richmond Raceway
  7. Darlington Raceway
  8. Charlotte Motor Speedway
  9. New Hampshire Motor Speedway
  10.  Kansas Speedway
  11.  Martinsville Speedway
  12. Phoenix Raceway

(Dry camping: Is camping without hookups or any external assistance (such as electricity or water). To dry camp, the RV or trailer must be completely self-contained with a water tank and sewage tank as well as a generator for power.)

1. Texas Motor Speedway

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Price: $75-$2600

Tenting: Yes, with bathrooms and shower facilities, as well as a family campground option and a shuttle bus.

Motorhomes: Yes, with hookups or not and for different prices.

Dry Camping: Yes

Contact: Call/text (817)215-8500

Overall Impressions:

Texas Motor Speedway is set up for campers. They also offer a cool package ($2100 for an RV that sleeps 6 or $2600 for an RV that sleeps 8) where they set up an RV on the infield for you.

All you have to do is bring your food, water and pillows and go and camp for the weekend. This is an awesome opportunity for those who don’t have their own camping equipment and want the infield NASCAR camping experience.

Texas Motor Speedway also offers a family campground with quiet times and a safer environment than the general campground.

They offer the ability to tent and RV and have a dumping station. There’s also a pretty neat VIP package that offers souvenirs, admission to the races, pit passes, etc but the price is only available on request. Seeing as camping in Texas is cheaper than most of the other tracks, I would doubt this is a crazy high price.

Texas Motor Speedway gives a lot of options and a lot of bang for your buck. Just remember that you have to purchase your own infield passes ($75 the week before the race or $100 at the gate) if you’re camping infield.

Texas Motor Speedway is number one on this list for two reasons.

  1. Firstly, it offers the only package of all the raceways where they provide, set up and take down and RV for you. This means that you can just fly to Texas, buy some food and show up in a rental car for the weekend. This gives NASCAR fans from anywhere the opportunity to camp in the infield, something usually reserved for fans with their own RVs.
  2. Its also is pretty cheap, all things considering, to camp at Texas Motor Speedway. The campgrounds have good amenities, you can tent, there’s a family campground with extended quiet times and a variety of hookups for different camping needs.

The short version: Texas Motor Speedway offers camping for all different price points and all different amenities, giving the widest variety of experiences for the average consumer.

2. Talladega Superspeedway

Location: Lincoln, Alabama

Price: FREE-$2300

Tenting: Yes, both infield and outside the racetrack.

Motorhomes: Yes, infield and outside the racetrack. Some spaces offer full hookups, while others offer dry camping.

Dry Camping: Yes, available if you want.

Contact: https://www.talladegasuperspeedway.com/Buy-Tickets/Ticket-Central.aspx

General Impressions:

The party starts and ends at Talladega. They offer free camping outside the track in three different campgrounds, all on a first come first serve basis (the sites require a ticket to the race to enter).

The North Free campground has no quiet times, so the party goes all day and all night. Entry begins the Monday of race week, so you can party for a week on your ticket price.

Talladega offers too many packages to list, and they offer different rows in each paid site for a different price.

They offer:

  • full hookup (sewage, water and electrical)
  • Wi-Fi for the infield campers
  • Entrance to the Saturday night concert held every race weekend.

The prices are for the full week of camping, not just for a night. Talladega offers an ultimate party for the price of admission, leaving you plenty left in the budget for beer.

Talladega Superspeedway is a close second on this list, and would probably be number one except for the fact that Texas edged it out with the RV packages.

Talladega is the only raceway that offers free camping with an admission. It also has the option for a party for an entire week, which is 3-4 days longer for the same price as others on this list.

If you like to party, Talladega is the way to go. Many of their campgrounds have no quiet times, there’s Wi-Fi, and there’s a traditional Saturday concert that comes with your race ticket.

They also provide a bunch of different prices for different hookup options, down to the row you’re parked in. This means you can buy exactly what you want and save the rest of your money for liquor.

Talladega is also one of the only raceways that offer infield tenting.

3. Daytona International Speedway

Location: Daytona Beach, Florida

Price: $45-$1,020

Tenting: Yes, they even offer infield tenting. 

Motorhomes: Yes. They offer a variety of different options and price points, with infield options and hookups for water and electrical.

Dry Camping: Yes.

Contact: 1-800-PITSHOP

Overall Impressions:

They offer some pretty cool options for tents, with availability in the infield. This lets you watch the race from the back of your truck on up on your car. This also means no need for designated drivers.

Lots are first-come, first-serve, meaning that you can camp beside your friends without the hassle of pre-booking.

RV lots are the same, with a few being infield as well. They offer electrical and water hookups, as well as a view of Lake Lloyd and the famed Daytona superstretch.

These packages run for $1020 a weekend but offers a pretty spectacular experience.

An ideal package for families, the RV park has a walking path and controlled access, making it a safe place for children (especially since kids 12 and under are free).

Daytona has some reasonably priced RV parks that aren’t infield, ranging from $250-$490 for the weekend.

They are mostly for dry camping and for self-enclosed RVs. They also offer tickets and wristbands for campers. There are no shower facilities available on-site, so tenting is at your own risk.

Daytona is reasonably priced and offers a pretty decent camping experience. The fact that Lake Lloyd is on the infield gives Daytona the only lake and race view that you can get in an RV.

With kids under 12 being free, it does offer a decent price for families. First-come first-serve for tents means that big groups can go early and set up with no worries if a friend or two can’t make it.

Camping Inside the Daytona 500 Nascar Track

4. Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price: $199-$8000

Tenting: No, RV’s only.

Motorhomes: Yes, with 10 different options for the RV parking, with different hookups and options for different sites.

Dry Camping: Yes.

Contact: Online through Ticketmaster

(800)644-4444 EXT 8289

Overall Impressions:

Las Vegas Motor Speedway offers some pretty extravagant packages. They do offer cheaper options, at $199 for the weekend. All of the sites offer outdoor fireplaces and all but one option is located near the tram.

All areas have free showers, bathrooms, security and trash disposal. Most packages offer tickets to the Neon Garage and Pit Road Access Passes and admission to the race.

The most expensive option is the Vegas Veranda package, at $8000 for a race or $12000 for the annual package. This package offers scanners, concierge & RV lounge, continental breakfast, Wi-Fi, private restrooms, guided garage tour and a Driver Intro Pass. This is the best that a track can offer and is the highest class of RV experience.

Vegas makes the top 5 purely due to the luxury it offers.

Prices are more expensive in Vegas, but they make up for it with an experience of a lifetime. If price is no object, then you’re not going to find a better package than the Vegas Veranda package at any other track.

Considering the private restrooms and guided garage tour that comes with the package, Vegas offers a once in a lifetime experience.

They also have pit road access and Neon Garage passes included in the medium-priced camping spots.

They all have showers, bathrooms, pit fires (something rare on this list) and a shuttle bus to the race. If you have a bit of extra cash to spend (or you won some at the slots) then Vegas offers the experience of a lifetime. 

5. Bristol Motor Speedway

Location: Bristol, Tennessee

Price: $75-$1500 for the week of the race

Tenting: Yes, the option is available in two of the 8 camping options, with both on grass. Both have access to restrooms and a shower facility; however, the cheapest option has porta johns and a portable shower truck.

Motorhomes: Yes, motorhomes are allowed. They have varied amenities per price point including Wi-Fi, electrical, water, sewage, restrooms and showers.

Dry Camping: Available

Contact: (866) 415-4158

Overall Impression:

Bristol Motor Speedway offers 8 different camping options, with different hookups and site sizes for everything from a tent to a 40-foot motorhome.

They have a shuttle service from every campground to the main doors of the speedway, so mobility issues aren’t an issue.

They allow set-up a full week ahead of the race (Monday-Monday in April, Sunday-Sunday in September) to get the full camping experience for a decent price.

However, they don’t allow any ATV’s or off-road vehicles, or any fire pits (the fire has to be off the ground and extinguished with a cover), but pets are allowed in all of the campsites. 

Their priciest package is motorhome, with Wi-Fi and full amenities, as well as a sponsor gift and golf cart transport to the main gate. It’s current availability is waitlist only, however, the Gold package can be purchased for both races at $2100, giving a significant discount if your available for both weekends.

This campground is outside of the Bristol Speedway entrance and offers a “gated community” feel. For two weeks of high-class services, this is not a bad price for the experience given.

Bristol doesn’t have pit fires, which makes it more difficult to get the full camping experience. It does, however, have a variety of price points so everyone can camp.

6. Richmond Raceway

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Price: $75 – $5000 weekend passes

Tenting: Yes, tenting is available in the Geico Lot J Tent Camping ground. This includes portable restrooms, tram service on event days, and a shower facility (additional fee).

Motorhomes: Yes, with a few options available, varying from full hookup (water, sewage and electrical) to partial hookup (water and electrical), with pump-out options, showers and water service for an additional fee.

Dry Camping: Available in many of the motorhome options. 

Contact: (866) 455-7223 (General)

(804)-228-7608 (Hookup)

rrinfo@richmondraceway.com for general questions

Overall Impression:

Richmond Raceway offers a variety of different experiences and campgrounds. With most of the campgrounds opening the Tuesday of race week, it gives you plenty of time to set up and enjoy the race week festivities.

For any campground that’s a distance from the racetrack, they offer a full-time shuttle to and from the track so anyone with mobility issues can still go and enjoy.

They offer a $5000 for two race weekends package at Turn 3 of the oval. It also gives access to an infield Interactive Area that’s new this September.

The package offers admission for 4 people over both race weekends, with the ability to buy 6 more admissions. It offers sewage, water and electrical hookups. If you want the ultimate NASCAR experience, this option is the highest class that Richmond can offer.

Richmond is 6th on the list because they charge you for showers. That’s not the case in most of these other campgrounds. They have a new interactive Area that is supposed to be the highest class of racing experience in the infield. But, with no infield camping and an extra cost for showers, it earns its 6th place finish.

7. Darlington Raceway

Location: Darlington, South Carolina

Price: $80-$630

Tenting: Yes, available at the Geico Caveman Tent campground.

Motorhomes: Yes, sites are up to 50 feet long in the different campgrounds.

Dry Camping: Yes.

Contact: https://www.darlingtonraceway.com/Plan-Your-Visit/GEICO-Camping.aspx (Click BUY NOW under the option you’d like)

Overall Impressions:

There’s not a lot of information available for the amenities available at Darlington. The price point is for the race weekend only, with the cheapest being across the highway and behind a building, so no easy way to get to the track (especially if you’re camping with kids).

They also allow for same site booking for the next year’s races. However, Darlington does offer an infield RV park. 

The Infield RV park is available for $570 for the weekend, with electrical and water hookup available. It comes with 2 infield passes with any additional pass being $110 extra.

This is a pretty cool experience that’s available to campers. Watching a NASCAR race from your own RV, flipping your own burgers and having your own beer is a pretty exceptional experience, even if you only do it once in your lifetime.

8. Charlotte Motor Speedway

Location: Concord, North Carolina

Price: $150-$450 (4 nights)

Tenting: Yes, with a bathhouse and a shuttle bus throughout the weekend.

Motorhomes: Yes, with a number of different site sizes to accommodate different trailers. They also offer sewage, water and electricity hookups for campers and a dump station.

Dry Camping: Yes

Contact: (800)455-FANS or charlottemotorspeedway.com

Overall Impression:

Charlotte Motor Speedway offers a pretty decent package for the dollar. The $450 for 4-day package offers a bathhouse, access to laundry facilities, access to a pet park to keep Fido happy, as well as Wi-Fi to keep the kids happy in the evening. This isn’t exorbitant by any means. The tenting spots are on grass and offer a shuttle to and from the track.

Booking has to be done by March 1 of every year, so you need to be a good planner. You can’t just show up and expect a camping spot.

However, if you know where you’ll be in October, this offers a pretty inclusive experience for a week.

Charlotte is 8th because of how early you need to book in advance. They have laundry and a pet park, which is pretty cool, but if you don’t know your fall holidays in the spring you’re out of luck for Charlotte.

9. New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Location: Loudon, New Hampshire

Price: $45-$899

Tenting: No. They only offer dry camping sites, so no bathroom or showers facilities at all.

Motorhomes: Yes. They only offer RV camping sites at this time and do offer sewage, electrical and water hookups.

Dry Camping: Yes. Two of the three lots are dry.

Contact: (603)513-5716


Overall Impressions:

New Hampshire Motor Speedway offers three different RV sites. They don’t offer tenting at this time. All of the RV sites require the unit to be self-contained, however the most expensive option has water, sewage and electrical hookups.

  • The $899 for the weekend gives 2 armband passes and two pit passes for the weekend. The RV parking is right outside turn four. 
  • The other two sites offer dry camping only. The medium package is priced at $249 for the weekend and gives two armbands and 2 pit passes for the weekend.
  • The cheapest lots only include a dry camping spot with no armbands and no pit passes. They do allow you to pick between 30-foot lots and 40-foot lots for different prices.

The pit passes are a unique addition for a decent price if you’re able to dry camp. The more expensive lots are pretty pricey for the weekend, but they do offer the pit pass which is a decent incentive.

All in all, New Hampshire is only good for RV camping with no facilities for tents or tent trailers. They get 9th because they are fairly cheap and include the armbands and pit passes.

10. Kansas Speedway

Location: Kansas City, Kansas

Price: $120-$1400

Tenting: Yes, they say they recently opened tenting spaces. Amenities (porta johns or bathrooms) is not released.

Motorhomes: Yes, but all RV’s must be self-contained. There are no hookups available on site.

Dry Camping: Exclusively

Contact: https://www.kansasspeedway.com/RV-Camping/RV-Camping.aspx (Click the button CONTACT OUR CAMPING SPECIALIST)

Overall Impression:

Kansas Speedway is low on this list for a reason.

They don’t offer any hookups in any of their campgrounds, meaning every RV and trailer has to be self-contained.

They require a ticket to the race before you can book your campground space, which can be very annoying if they are sold out on campground spaces. They do offer extra admissions for RV campers (up to 10 total admissions) for a bit of a discount.

They have no information available on tenting sites and their amenities, meaning (from experience) they probably only have porta-johns as bathrooms.

They do offer infield packages for RVs, but at close to $1000 before the price of admission, this is a heavy cost.

11. Martinsville Speedway

Location: Ridgeway, Virginia

Price: $125

Tenting: Yes, in certain areas. A private portable toilet can be rented for $90 for the weekend (with a $25 fee if it has to be serviced).

Motorhomes: Yes, but dry camping only. There are no hookups available.

Dry Camping: Yes

Contact: (877)722-3849

Overall Impressions:

Martinsville Speedway offers one price for all of the campgrounds at $125 for the weekend.

They allow drive-ups to camp and offer many sites on a first come first serve basis. If you’re traveling, you can call early to reserve a spot.

There’s only one vehicle allowed per RV spot, and any other vehicles need to be parked in the overflow parking. There’s no hookups available in any of the sites.

The portable toilets can be rented by anyone for $90 for the weekend and present a nice option for families tenting.

Tenting is allowed in specific spots and those spots fill up fast, so I suggest booking them ahead of time. There is no infield camping at Martinsville Speedway.

They offer a warning that there will be no shelter provided in extreme weather. They also hold the cars and the RV’s for 2 hours following the race to help with vehicle congestion. So, have a plan to stay for a while after the race is over and have a plan on what to do in severe weather.

Pets are allowed if they stay on a leash at all times.

12. Phoenix Raceway

Location: Avondale, Arizona

Price: Unavailable

Tenting: Yes

Motorhomes: Yes

Dry Camping: Yes

Contact: (866)408-RACE (7223)

Overall Impressions:

Phoenix Raceway doesn’t offer any infield camping, and there is limited information available about hookups provided for RVs. 

They do offer tenting. They have a family campground, with quiet times between 11 pm- 7 am daily, giving families with young children the opportunity to keep them asleep.

They have an Infield experience, but that’s not camping. It involves a pit pass and other bonuses that can be added to any ticket price.

The campgrounds have portable toilets that can be rented as private toilets. They also have shower facilities in each campground. A shuttle bus is provided from all of the campgrounds to the front gate of the raceway on race days.