Can a BMX Fit in a Car? (Useful Guide)

Your buddy called and there’s an epic spot to ride, but it’s not close enough to bike to. You’ll have to drive your car, but can a BMX fit in your car?

Yes, a BMX can fit in a car. If you’re seats fold down you can pack it into the rear hatch. If your seats don’t fold down, you will still be able to fit it onto your back seat. If the bike can not fit as a whole, it can be broken down into smaller parts and then placed into the car.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to transport your BMX without damaging your car, or BMX. We’ll go over how to break down your bike so that it will fit in either the rear seat or rear hatch area in your car. We’ll go over some steps you may want to take in order to ensure your bike is fully functional when you arrive at your riding destination. We’ll even help you pack two bikes in your car if you want to bring your buddy.

How to Fit a BMX in a Car

First, determine if your rear seats fold down. If they do, then fold the rear seats down, and line the back with newspaper or old towels. If the bike can fit in one go, jobs a good’un and your all set.

If not however you’ll need to remove one or both wheels. You should also remove your pegs to avoid damaging your car and ensure that the bike lies properly in the vehicle. If your BMX still won’t fit, remove both of the pedals, and wrap them with newspaper, or an old rag. Make sure to keep all your parts in order so that you don’t lose any of them on the ride.

Next, place the bike in your car ‘dry side up’ where the brakes, derailleurs, and chain are facing up. I recommend using disc brake plugs to protect your brakes from jamming during transport. This ensures that if the levers get squeezed during transport they wont mess up your brake calipers.

Use your wheels as cushions for the frame when positioning the bike in the car. Place the wheels so that they keep the frame snug, with as little play as possible. That way any bumps in the road will not jostle your BMX.

If your rear seats do not fold down, or you’d prefer to leave them up, start by removing the front wheel. Line the trunk with some newspaper, or old towels, and place the wheel on top of them. Make sure your bike is relatively clean by using wet wipes, or a wet towel to get any crud off the frame.

Remove the pegs and wrap in a newspaper, or old towel. Slide your bike in through the nondrivers side doorway. Put it on the floor and place an old towel or rag under the pedal where it contacts the back seat. Place towels anywhere the bike could potentially get grease on your car. You can also wrap your seat belt through the frame and buckle your bike in. This way the bike won’t jostle around at all, and in the event of a crash the bike will not cause injury.

Breaking Down the Component Parts of your BMX

If you needed to break your bike down to get it to fit, you’ll need to remove and secure the following parts during transport:


Place the bike upside down so that the frame is suspended by the stand. For the front wheel disengage the brake cable. Then use either a 15 or 17mm wrench to remove the outer nut bolts on both sides. Loosen them all the way to the outside of the hub, but not so far that they come off. Lift the wheel up and out from between the fork.

For the rear wheel use two adjustable wrenches one on each side. Loosen until the wheel is able to move. Push it forward as much as you can so that the chain has good slack. Pop the chain off the front sprocket with your hands. Pick the bike up, pedal and then your chain is off. Now you can easily remove the chain from the rear peg, and lift your rear wheel out of the frame.


Turn your bike upside down. Attach a 6mm hex bolt (or appropriately sized hex bolt for your BMX) to a ratchet. Behind the crank arm insert the hex bolt, and ratchet into the hole. On the left pedal ratchet clockwise to loosen. Then remove pedal. On the righthand side ratchet counter clockwise to remove.

You can also use a 15mm wrench if you have a wrench flat area on the spindle. Rotate the crank backward to where the wrench is parallel with the ground. Brace the bike by the handlebars, and place your right foot onto the pedal as if you were going to ride it.

Rotate your heel and place pressure onto the wrench keeping the ball of your foot on the pedal. Apply your weight to begin loosening the pedal. By hand place the wrench on the pedal spindle, and turn counter clockwise to remove pedal. Repeat on the left side If your pedals are overtightened use a little grease on the the spindle to loosen.


If you have bolt on pegs use, a 17mm or 19mm deep socket with ratchet and extension. Insert this into the peg from the outside over the axle nut. Turn the socket and ratchet in a counter clockwise direction to loosen, and remove the axle nut. Slide the peg off the axle and replace the axle nut so you don’t lose it.

If you have threaded pegs, insert a screwdriver into both of the drilled holes at the end of the peg. Turn the peg counter clockwise. This may take some force so use the screwdriver for leverage. When its loose enough remove the screwdriver, and use your fingers to finish unscrewing.

Can I fit Two BMX Bikes in My Car?

The easiest way to fit two bikes in your car is to fold the rear seats down. See if the bikes can fit first, and if not you’ll have to break them down.

If the bikes won’t fit as a whole take apart the first BMX as outlined above. Then place in the car with the wheels cushioning the frame of the first bike. Lay down an old towel or piece of cardboard. If you have bike bags this can be used to layer between the first and second bike.

Disassemble the second BMX as outlined above, and place the frame above your middle protective layer. Once again use the wheels to support the frame in a manner that keeps it secure from too much movement during transport.

Make sure not to mix up the two bikes different sets of pegs and pedals by wrapping them in separate newspaper or old rags. Place them on the appropriate layer keeping them close to the BMX they belong to.

If you’d rather place them in the rear seat together, this could work too assuming your back seat is big enough. First remove the front wheel from both of the bikes. Then wrap each wheel in newspaper, or an old towel. Place them both in the trunk side by side if possible. Remove the pegs on both bikes. You may want to remove the pedals as well to ensure a better fit.

Then one bike should be slid into the car behind the driver seat with the front fork closest to the door. Rotate the front fork over your rear seat, and place an old rag or towel between the fork and the seat cushion.

Slide the other bike into the car from the passenger side with the front fork facing out in that direction. Again rotate the front fork over your rear seat, and place an old rag or towel underneath the fork to protect your seat. Rest the front fork on the seat cushion. Once again you can buckle the bikes in with a seat belt by threading it through, and around both frames, for a safe and secure ride.

Not only can you bring one BMX in the car, but you can bring your buddies too! Traveling with your BMX in the car is a good idea to prevent theft as you’ll probably want to stop for some grub after your sesh.