What to do With Your Dog When You Go Surfing (5 Solutions)

A dog is man’s best friend. But if a dog is man’s best friend then the surf is his hot new girlfriend who keeps him from going out with the boys. A dog is a big responsibility and can interfere with long surf sessions, surf trips and more.

While you are surfing you should make sure your dog is in a secure safe area. This can be in your home, car or on the beach. As long as your dog is somewhere safe that isn’t too hot and has access to its food and water they should be fine.

So you want to surf but you don’t want old fido to destroy the house. Or maybe you want to go for a surf trip all week and you’ve got nowhere to put your pooch. Well, there are many options for what to do with your dog while surfing actually. So dont worry I’ve made a list of the 5 best things to do with your dog while you go for a surf.

1. Leave Your Dog at Home.

This is the most obvious solution and probably the most common as well. If the beach isn’t too far from home and you have a nice yard there’s no reason you can’t just leave your pup at home. Even if you don’t have a yard your pooch should be fine.

If you live in a small apartment but you aren’t far from the beach it’s hard to see why you couldn’t leave your pup home alone. Simply take your dog out before and after your surf and you should still have a happy pooch and clean floors when you return from your shred.

If you live far from the beach so surfing is an all day event and you don’t have a yard you might have to start looking into other options for your furry friend. 

Dogs left alone too long without a big yard to play in can become trouble. Firstly they will need to go to the bathroom at some point, without you home to let them out this could get messy for you. Trapped inside for hours with no yard to play in could lead to the destruction of your possessions.

2. Leave Your Pupper in the Car.

Okay maybe not the most popular solution in the world but certainly acceptable. If its between this and being left home for 8 hrs the car is probably more humane. The windows down and a bowl of water and your pup should be just fine. Try your best to park in the shade.

Be really careful here. If its too hot, like really super hot. Like maybe you surf in Australia or southern California or something, and its a bloody scortha out mate. Use common sense here. If its too hot don’t leave your dog in the car. Or maybe you’re willing to idle your whip and leave the ac for him or her. But don’t cook your dog, its really not that hard.

Try to keep your sessions short. No one needs to surf for 4 hours anyway, a normal 1.5-2 hr sesh will do just fine especially if your homie is waiting in the car, and remember your dog, who you love doesn’t have a choice in the matter.

So if you’ve left your dog in the car before probably won’t be that weird. If you have a big pick up or van it will be quite comfortable for them and a nice spot to hang out.

But remember no matter what car you have if you surf too long without checking on your pup you might come back to an unpleasant surprise waiting for you inside. By unpleasant surprise, I’m referring to poop and pee from your dog.

3. Take your Dog to your Friend’s House.

Call up your friends. Call your mom. Hit up your ex and you might get a little more than just the dog watched. Bottom line, do what you gotta do, ask who gotta ask but get the dog watched at all costs so you can go for rip.

If that is what it comes down to it ain’t that bad just to ask someone. You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

If your friend or neighbor or family member is staying home, anyone shouldn’t be a big deal. But choose your victim wisely. Cat person won’t do. No yard, small apartment, next. Owns a dog already and has a fat yard? Yes please. Your choice of who to ask will greatly affect your answer. I’ve found asking your mom and dad for things generally gets you a yes.

Some of your friends will be glad to watch your dog or dogs. This will give you great peace of mind knowing your pup is in the care of an actual human while you are surfing. It won’t be in the back of your mind if he’s roasting in the car or eating your couch so you can have a free uninhibited surf.

Make sure when you collect your beloved pooch to bring the customary six-pack to your friend as a sign of gratitude for their great deed. And might as well pick up a slim jim or something for your pooch while you’re at it.

4. Leave Your Pup on the Beach.

Depending on the beach and your pup this isnt the worst idea. Many beaches are not dog friendly so this wouldn’t work, but if your beach happens to be dog friendly go right ahead. Just dont leave your dog untied and unattended. They could wander off and get hurt, or approach another dog and you never know how another person’s dog will react.

You can tie your dog up somewhere nice and shady preferable within the site of the surf. Some Karens might disapprove but that will be your battle. We all know a dog is fine relaxing on the beach for an hour. When you finish surfing you’ll be greeted by your happy furry friend all excited to see you.

5. Pay a Kennel to Watch your Dog

If you’re leaving on a long surf trip and have no family or friends this might be your only option. It’s not as bad as it sounds tho, especially for the pooch. Many kennels these days are very nice and your pup will get to hang out with a pack of other dogs and make friends. It will pretty much be like an awesome doggie summer camp.

Yes, it will be an added expense to an already expensive holiday, but it will be worth it for your pup. Instead of wondering if your stoner roommate is actually feeding and walking your dog you’ll know that trained pawfessionals (see what I did there 😉 ) will be taking top-notch care of your pooch. You’ll know that he or she will be getting fed every day allowing you to relax and shred some foreign waves.

Some other benefits of using a kennel while you are away on a surf holiday is the added safety for your dog’s physical and mental health.

This will in turn do wonders for your peace of mind. Your dog will always have companions around them, both human and dog, and you’ll never have to fear about its loneliness.

And if you happen to leave over 4th of July or New Years you’ll know trained pawfessionals will be there to care for your pups possible panic attacks. And if your dog has any pre-existing medical issues you’ll know for sure that they will be properly cared for.